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Trekinetic GT-3 Mk II All Terrain Wheelchair


Trekinetic has transformed the mundane wheelchair, from crude Medical Device to an ultra-modern object of desire. Maybe none more so than our exclusive GT-3 model. With it's stunning Grand Prix White and Nero Black finish, some have called it the most beautiful wheelchair ever designed.

To learn more about the technical advances, please read about the K-2 first, as the GT-3 is a city focused derivative of the K-2. Key differences are smooth tyres, some key options as standard and exclusive predominately white with black highlights finish.

Additional features of the MK II GT-3

Handlebar if optioned, now in matching Grand Prix White


Extra Long Handlebar Extension option is now available. No more kicking of the rear wheel.


Extra Long Handlebar Extension brake levers now available, the attendant is operable from XL extension grips. Folds too. No extra cost.


Safari kit option now improved with larger design bag capable of holding small personal belongings


Spare wheel retainer now moulded in during seat manufacture to improve strength


Camber Bar: Revised design: Emergency release holes now standard


Camber bar: New optional retrofit-able locking system.


Rear release clevis now has comfort buttons as standard. These reduce scratching and make release easier for users with reduced hand strength


Tall User 50mm Extended seat with longer Foam cushion. Increases overhang/length by 50mm.


Handlebars Folding/Plain: Now with improved handlebar clamp. Completely eradicates unwanted rotational movement of headrest or handlebar extensions, due to wear


Foam Backrest option (50mm thick)


Handrims now oval form warmer to the touch, lighter plastic construction.


Handrim delete, no-cost option


Hyperforma seat now available without sides for adult use.

Std. Equipment + Primary Options      
Ultra Low Folding (wheels on and off) Cross Cross Tick
Manual propulsion only Tick Tick Cross
Power or manual propulsion (selectable) Cross Cross Tick
Suitable everyday use Tick Tick Tick
Suitable All Terrain Tick Cross Tick
Transformable down including q/r wheels Tick Tick Tick
Carbon Fibre Monocoque Chassis Tick Tick Tick
400mm seat width Tick Tick Tick
480mm seat width      
Long Leg      
Suede effect upholstery Tick Tick Tick
Mass varying auto-recline seat Tick Tick Tick
'Varicam' variable wheel camber Tick Tick Tick
Nitrogen gas filled shock absorber Tick Tick Tick
Pressure adjustable rear castor Tick Tick Tick
Spare Wheels with All Terrain tyres Tick   Tick
Spare Wheels with Smooth tyres   Tick  
Basic Ratchet lever Brake system Tick Cross Cross
Advanced Dyna-Brake system   Tick Cross
Rear Handlebars (plain)      
Rear Handlebars + Attendant Brake only     Cross
Rear Handlebars (plain) Folding      
Rear Handlebars + Attendant Brake folding     Cross
Umbrella Socket Tick Tick Tick
Anti-tip rollers Tick Tick Tick
Foot Plate   Tick Tick
Foot Plate (locking) Cross Cross Tick
Foot Plate (locking + auto retract)      
Side protection plates Tick Tick Tick
115 kg / 18 stone max user weight Tick Tick Tick
Electric Hub motors Cross Cross Tick
Automatic Braking under power Cross Cross Tick
Armrests (retractable)   Tick Tick
5-speed joystick controller LH/RH Cross Cross Tick
Joystick Control on handlebars instead Cross Cross  
Nickel Metal Hydride (NMH) battery Cross Cross Tick
Li-ion long-range battery in lieu of NMH** Cross Cross  
110-240v Quick charger Cross Cross Tick
Black Carbon Fibre Gloss seat ext. Tick Cross  
White Carbon Fibre Gloss seat ext.   Tick  
Silver Carbon Fibre Gloss seat ext. Cross Cross Tick
12 month Return to base guarantee Tick Tick Tick
*Tyres only  
* Ultra-low folding not available
Secondary Options K-2 MK II GT-3 MK II GTE MK II
Hyperforma child's seat insert      
Hyperforma adult seat Insert (no sides)      
Hoist kit (excludes actual crane and hook)      
Camber bar locking clamp (pair)      
Occupant-in-chair 5 point transit system     Cross
The special colour outer shell      
Handlebar extensions***      
Handlebar extensions extra long***      
Handlebar ext. extra long with brake***     Cross
Handlebar mounted umbrella socket      
Superior Lap Belt      
Water Bottle      
Toe loops (requires Foot Plate)      
Heel Loops      
Foam comfort seat cushion (50mm)      
Longer seat (50mm) inc. longer cushion      
Foam backrest cushion (50mm)      
Pressure relieving cushion 50mm      
Pressure relieving cushion 80mm      
D shape lumbar support cushion      
Dog lead kit      
Spare rear wheel (SRW)      
Safari Kit (incl. SRW + holds 2nd battery)      
Headrest ***      
HD inner tubes (2)      
Puncture Sealant      
Nickel Metal Hydride battery (in addition) Cross Cross  
Nickel Metal Hydride battery charger Cross Cross  
Lithium-Ion battery Cross Cross  
Lithium-Ion battery charger Cross Cross  
*** Requires rear handlebars  
Assembled Dimensions K-2 MK II GT-3 MK II GTE MK II
Width (400mm seat) Min/Max 71/86 cm 71/86 cm 71/86 cm
Width (480mm seat) Min/Max 79/90 cm 79/90 cm 79/90 cm
Length Max 114 cm 114 cm 114 cm
Height (Std. Leg) Min/Max**** 78/85 cm 78/85 cm 78/85 cm
Height (Long Leg) Min/Max **** 84/91 cm 84/91 cm 84/91 cm
Turning Circle 100 cm 100 cm 100 cm
Weight (typical) 17kg 17kg 36kg
Overall weight heaviest part 9kg 9kg 18kg
**** Assumes Folding Handlebars
All prices ex-works (excluding delivery)
All dimensions and weights approximate
All information is given in good faith and correct at time of insertion.
All new Trekinetic comes with 12 months parts and labour, return to base, Guarantee. Excludes consumables, wear and tear.
Trekinetic reserve the right to vary, change or improve specification without prior notice or publication. E & O.E.