Plate with inside edge

Plate is 9" in diameter with a 1" rim and a 1/2" edge. Dishwasher safe up to 80deg C and microwave safe. Made from polypropylene.

Bibs - tartan tucker

Available in three sizes: - Medium 22 3/4x15" - Large 26 3/4x 18" - XLarge 18x35" ORDER CODES AND PRICES Blue Small - AA5691BS Blue Medium - AA5691BM Blue Large - AA5691BL Blue XLarge -  [more..]

Freehand tray with non-slip mat

Size 17.5 x 13"

Jar opener - twister

Suitable for tops 3/4" - 3.5" diameter.

Jar opener - dycem

The non-slip properties provide a good strong grip to make opening easier and to help make a good seal when closing.

Jar opener-undo it jar and bottle opener

The jar is slid into the V until the lid wedges, it is then twisted to remove the lid. Suitable for tops 1 - 3" diameter Measures 140 x 100mm. Fixings not included

Jar opener-hand held undo-it

Slide the V onto the jar lid until it wedges in place then simply turn the handles to remove the jar lid. Suitable for lids 1.5 - 3 3/4"

Kitchen workstation

Based around a tough, durable chopping board measuring 193/4 x 113/4" the workstation also features: A removable grater and slicer (with a protective cover) that collects the food with a minimum  [more..]

Cutlery - queens

The handle if cylindrical to assist with gripping. These items are hygienically sealed, easy to clean, and are dishwasher safe. Length of handle 3 5/8" Diameter of handle 1 1/4" AA5500A -  [more..]

Kings modualr range - assessment kit

It caters for virtually all needs. The range covers standard, angled adn specialised untensils, built up, slim, contoured, lightweight and heavyweight handles, and a unique double ended feature to  [more..]

Cutlery - queens angled

The knife has a blade bent at an angle to the handle and can be used with a rocker action. The fork and spoon are available as right or left handed versions. Specifications as for standard  [more..]

Plates - suction scoop dish

Just moisten the suction cups and press to smooth, flat surface. Off white melamine with a deavy duty reinforced 9" rim and base. Provides stable, non-slip eating surface. Dishwasher safe  [more..]

Round scoop dish

Non-slip, rubber padded bottom provided control when using the scoop feature. 8" diameter. Washes in top shelf of domestic dishwashers. NOT recommended for microwave use.

Cup with temperature regulated lid

If liquids hotter than 37.5deg C are put into the beaker the lid will change colour from blue to pink, alerting the user to be careful when drinking. The lid is safe and easy to use and can also  [more..]

Cup non spill

Microwave and dishwasher safe up to 130deg C. Supplied with either a lid with a small aperture for liquids , or a large aperture for semi solids. A choice of colours is also  [more..]

Dignity ware

The plate has a 9" diameter and is 1.5" deep. It has an inward turning lip to aid eating. The high sided bowl has a 6 1/4" diameter and is 1 3/8" deep. The mug is 80mm high with a large  [more..]

Mugs - secure grip large handled

The handles are wide enough to allow gripping using all fingers. They are also far enough away to allow a closed handgrip yet reduce the risk of touching the hot vessel. These ceramic mugs  [more..]

Cup - kennedy

The easy to-grip handle can be picked up by weaker hands and is suitable for right or left handed people. The lid screws on tightly to prevent leaks and accepts any standard disposable  [more..]

Mug - clear polycarbonated

It iw supplied with two lids, one for anti-spill, and one with a drinking spout. The mug is dishwasher safe, but the lid is not, and can be used in a microwave oven. Capacity 14fl oz.

Cup - medeci system

Made from tough ABS plastic, the cups are microwaveable. Dishwasher safe, stackable, hardwearing and versatile. Choose between the spout or anti-spill lid. Capacity 340ml. Weight 170g