Jive Up

Discover the next evolution of the JIVE powered wheelchair family - the JIVE UP standing wheelchair. Combining the indoor agility and outdoor high performance of the JIVE-M with a multi-functional  [more..]

C1000 SF

New from Ottobock is the C1000 SF, designed to make standing easier than ever before. Knowing that standing contributes to physical and social well being, the C1000 enables standing from almost any  [more..]


The Ottobock Paragolfer is an all terrain wheelchair specifically designed to lift people from the sit to stand position, with a patented stand up function and secure footing it is particularly  [more..]


ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR WITH STANDING FUNCTION Experience life from new heights with the wheelchair Q700-UP M SEDEO ERGO. Combined with all the benefits of the center drive of the Q700-UP M (with  [more..]