Height adjustable walking canes

Stick seat

Offering both support and a place to rest when needed. Manufactured from aluminium, it is both lightweight and corrosion resistant. Available in three seat heights 17" 20" 23"

Folding aluminium walking stick seat

It can also be used as a support when walking. Handle height 34" Seat height 21" Weight 1.1kg

Walking sticks

The Comfy handle is larger and is generally more suitable to gentlemen, while the contoured handle suits smaller hands, especially ladies. Height adjustable 29" to 38" Available in left or right  [more..]

Bag for folding walking sticks

Made from heavy duty waterproof nylon it has a hook and loop fastening for quick and easy opening and closing. Stick not included. Weight 60g

Adjustable wide based sticks

The Comfortable grey moulded handle can be used in the left or right hand. Available as a tripod or quadruped. Adjustable from 28" to 38" (710 to 965mm) Maximum user weight 18stone  [more..]

Crutches - travel

It has a comfortable handle with a reflector for safety. Handle to cuff 9.5" to 10.5" (240 to 265mm) Height to handle 31 3/4" to 37.5" (810 and 950mm) Maximum user weight 18 3/4stone (120kg)

Comry grip crutches

Height adjustable above and below the handle. Handle to cuff 9" to 12" (229 to305mm) Height to handle 26" to 35" (660 to 889mm) Supplied in pairs Maximum user weight 15 3/4stone (100kg)

Quad walking stick

Height adjustable between 26" and 36"

Elbow crutches - coloured

Adjustable between handle and floor from 29" to 38". Supplied in pairs Available in three colours: Silver Red Blue

Leather wrist strap for sticks

Saves putting down or dropping the stick when using the hand

Adjustable tripod cane

base dimension 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" (240mm x190mm) ferrule size 16mm weight 900g MAXIMUM USER WEIGHT 21 1/4stone (136kg)

Adjustable quad cane

the handle is shaped to fit the centre of the palm and the front tapers for the fingers. steel construction with silder shaft and black powder coating finish for durability on the base. height  [more..]

Bariatric walking stick

The curved neck places the user's weight directly over the shaft for stability and safety. available as a standard or 4 point stick. Height adjustable from 28" to 36.5" (710 to 930mm) weight  [more..]