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Sunrise Medical F16 Power Add On

Transform your manual wheelchair into an electric wheelchair!

Thanks to its clever all-in-one removable power module, the F16 power transforms your manual wheelchair into an electric powered wheelchair whenever and wherever you want in seconds - all without the need for tools or strenuous effort. The lightweight wheelchair and its compact power module are easily dismantled so that it can fit neatly in the back of the car.

No need for any tools or strenuous effort

Just remove the rear wheels of your manual wheelchair, lock the power module to the back of the frame and connect the control pod – it’s that simple. Need to remove the power module? Pull the release cord and it separates from the wheelchair. Remove the control pod and re-attach the rear wheels and you’re back to manual.

Take your portable F16 power pack wherever you want to go

The F16 power add-on easily disassembles and packs neatly away for stowage. The conveniently located handles on the power base and on the (removable) batteries ensure you won't struggle to get it in and out of the car. Plus, the F16 can be just as easily re-assembled to your manual wheelchair in a few simple steps, giving you assisted propulsion whenever you need it.

Combine the F16 with a manual wheelchair to match your needs

The F16 is compatible with a range of folding wheelchairs. For the ultimate lightweight power package, select the QUICKIE Neon (with a starting weight of 9.7kg). If configurability is important to you, the Quickie RXS offer many adjustments to suit your needs. Alternatively, if you’re in need of an economical yet functional wheelchair, the BREEZY Rubix 2 is able to match a wide range of needs.

Paediatric wheelchair sizes are available!

Looking for an occasional electric powered wheelchair for paediatric users? The F16 is compatible with the RXS Kids wheelchairs, offering seat widths of 14" to 18".

Width 640 mm
Speed 4 mph
Battery size 25Ah
Range 15 km
Back recline 8 degrees
Max. Gradient 10 degrees
Max. Curb Climb 100mm
Weight 23 kg
Max. User Weight 125 kg