At a glance

Fresh new design for the drive unit

Frame colours black and cream

Suspension for riding comfort

Compact and manoeuvrable

Easy handling

Many options, straightforward and user-friendly adjustment

Technical Data

Top Speed 6km/h ,7.2km/h or 10km/h

Battery Capacity 50Ah AGM or 63Ah Gel

Range 25/35km

Batt charge time 10 hours max

User Weight 140kg

Net Weight 95kg

Max obstacle height 5cm/10cm (with curb climb assist

Climbing ability 12%


Length including Footplates 106cm

Turning Radius 80cm

Seat Height 40 - 57cm

Seat Width 38 -48cm

Seat Depth 36 - 50cm


Inclination 0/3/6 degree

Armrest Height 24 - 36cm

Frame colour cream or black

This item is exempt from VAT