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Repose Protac Ball Cushion ™

The Protac Ball Seat Cushion alleviates uneasiness and hyperactivity

The Protac Ball Seat Cushion™ is filled with plastic balls that help to improve body awareness, it alleviates uneasiness and hyperactivity and promotes concentration and learning with children. It provides for a better, more dynamic posture.

As a person moves around in the seat, the balls inside the cushion will also move a bit, bringing the body's centre of gravity beyond its base of support in order to regain your balance, you have to automatically shift your position and sit up straight.

Shifting positions trains the muscles around the abdomen, back and lumbar area; this increases muscle tone and straightens your posture which relieves the pressure on your spine. For a child with a very restless body, the cushion can effectively absorb this restlessness since they will be moving on the cushion constantly.

The continuous stimulation from the balls provides the user with a more distinct awareness of the body and a greater sense of calm.This makes it easier to focus and concentrate on new tasks and input.

Available as a single or quadruple cushion design they come in 5 colours. The cushions have the option of different sized balls depending on individual requirements. They are suitable for different types of chair including classroom and shell chairs.

  • Children and youths
  • Patients with brain damage suffering from spasticity and sensitivity impairment, to sit on. The weight and pressure of the balls help suppress spasticity to give the patient enhanced body awareness. It can also be used to train balance with.
  • Sufferers of ADHD and autism can use the ball cushion to sit on in school or the home when unconcentrated. When the user moves on the cushion, the pressure of the balls stimulates muscles and joints, helping improve body posture, calmness and concentration.
  • Psychiatric patients who often suffer from muscular and psychological unrest. The cushion can be used to enhance concentration and help calm the patient. The cushion can be used for meetings and dining.
  • Sufferers of a range of development problems, sensory problems, deaf/blindness and to create enhanced sensory stimuli in the body. It is used for sufferers of stress to provide calmness, comfort and better body awareness.
  • Those with balance problems to assist with training muscle tone, being popular in occupational therapy and physical therapy.
  • Care homes, hospitals, hospices, charities, schools and special schools, psychiatric departments, waiting rooms, sensory rooms, treatment and therapy rooms as well as in people’s homes.
  • A range of medical conditions

The Protac Ball Cushion was developed to help sufferers of functional impairment and is suitable for a whole range of conditions in children and young people. It comes in two styles which allow for different seating / sensory requirements.

They are suited to different types of chair and are simple to connect by using the tie’s at each corner of the cushion.

The cushion is often used in conjunction with the Protac vests (MyFit), knee blankets (KneedMe)  and footstools (GroundMe) as an overall sensory stimuli solution. The seat cushion has even been used by some people as a foot rest.

The fabric is 100% polyester and the cushions are washable, but please ensure that you follow the cleaning instructions in the user manual.




There are two styles of cushion both of which come in one size, 40 cm by 40 cm and with an approximate weight of 4kg.

They can be supplied with either 25mm or 38mm Protac Balls.