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Repose Protac KneedMe ™ Knee Blanket

The Protac KneedMe is a sense-stimulating knee blanket

The Protac KneedMe is designed for those with physical and mental unrest who need help alleviating uneasiness in the mind and body while engaged in sitting activities. It Promotes peace and a sense of security for young people, adults and the elderly suffering from mental and motor restlessness.

The Protac KneedMe stimulates the sense of touch as well as the muscle and joint position senses. It rests on the lap, covering the knees and thighs and promoting calmness, focus and concentration for the user. It is well-suited for those with dementia, hyperactivity, physical unrest, Parkinson's disease and restless legs syndrome.

For people with restless legs and feet, which often affects people suffering from hyperactivity or ‘restless legs syndrome’, the blanket can often help to calm them down.For example, the knee blanket can be used in armchairs, in wheelchairs or for seated activities during the day.

It is used by therapists and professionals when providing therapy and motor training for patients and clients who find it difficult to cooperate, stay focused and concentrate.It has proved beneficial in connection with cognitive training, speech therapy, hand therapy, personal care, ADL training or treatment according to the principles of Affolter,  Bobath and Coombes (ABC concept).

Available in adults and children’s sizes.

  • Adults, the elderly, children and youths
  • Care homes, hospitals, hospices, charities, schools and special schools, psychiatric departments, waiting rooms, sensory rooms, treatment and therapy rooms as well as in people’s homes.

Range of Colours

Protac KneedMe, comes in two sizes and a range of colours.

Functional Design 

It consists of a blanket with a removable outer cover and a bag with heavy plastic balls sewn in channels. It has two pockets for the user to place their hands in. On the reverse side of the blanket there is a non-slip grip sheet to preventing it from falling off the knee. It is also fitted with a belt with two straps which can be attached around the user’s waist to also prevent the blanket from sliding off their lap. When the belt is not used, it folds away into the cover.

There is a large pocket on the top side of the Protac KneedMe which can be used for keeping objects that the user likes to hold and touch. The pocket has a strap which can be used for attaching tactile items such as keys.

Carrying case

The blanket is supplied with a carrying case which can be carried using the shoulder strap or handles.

The knee blanket can be washed following the recommended cleaning instructions in the user manual.



There are two sizes:

Adults Weight – 4kg

Children’s Weight 3.2Kg

There is a choice of three colours – Dark Grey, Lime Green or Aqua Blue.